Enable Your
Audience to Wear
Their Digital ID

Web3-enhanced Merch Experiences for brands, NFT collections and artists.

Token-Gated Merch Solutions

Reward Your Community for their Support and Generate a New Income Stream.

Basic Token-Gated Merch Experience

Link up your community’s Web3 identities with the exciting bliss of acquiring new physical products.

  • Token-Gated Ecommerce Store with Wallet Authentication
  • Premium Product Collection Inspired by Your Brand’s Vision and Identity
  • Order Management and Fulfillment

NFT Merch Builder Experience

Give your community the freedom to create personalized merch using their NFTs as characters.

  • Token-Gated Ecommerce Store with Wallet Authentication
  • Design of Customizable Templates
  • Personalization Tool for Your Community
  • Premium Product Collection
  • Order Management and Fulfillment

NFT Merch Builder for Collectors

Not a brand? Not a problem. We’ve been developing an exclusive solution for Collectors.

  • Connect your wallet to design and buy personalized merch


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Merchproof is powered by Merchadise


Our products are sourced and crafted sustainably in our own factories. First-rate delivery and premium quality merchandise.


Designers & Developers

We design and produce only superior-quality products. We build and launch your brand’s Ecommerce store in less than a week.


Handling & Fulfillment

We’ve developed vertically-integrated technology to help you manage your store, fulfill orders and collect your royalties as simply as possible.